Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October Upgraded

October 2005 is off to a very busy start. Dr. William Grey has upgraded his forecast for this months total number of storms. This really isn't a surprise and with the setup we have in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic right now, he may be able to upgrade it again. We have 3 areas of concern that need to be watched over the next 5-7 days. How this plays out the rest of this week will be vey interesting. Everyone from the Gulf Coast up to Carolinas need to keep their guard up. These homegrown storms in the Bahama's have broken all records this year. Stan has come ashore into Mexico and 92.L could become Tammy and affect Florida as a Tropical Storm. The storm that may need to be watched the most is a small Low that is starting to form near Puerto Rico. Katrina and Rita have formed in this area already. A strong High will be setting up over the Atlantic, pushing any potential storm into the Gulf of Mexico most likey. The strong high pressure systems not only direct traffic west into the Gulf, they create a anti-cyclonic flow that helps these storms grow. Stay tuned it could get interesting again.


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Anonymous said...

As usual, you are the voice of reason. We need the rain here.

what is your take on the Berwick saga?

Chatham John