Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tammy, then Vince?

We are now down to 2 names left in the 2005 Hurricane season. Tropical Storm Tammy is going to head up the coast of Florida and eventually into Georgia. In all honesty, Tammy will be nothing more than a heavy rain event for most of NE Florida and the Southeast US. I know we are hoping for Tammy's remnants to head this way into Central NC since we are almost 7inches below rainfall averages. A larger Hurricane threat is a new Low that just came off the Yucatan Peninsula this morning. This system is now 93L.Invest and could be headed towards the Panhandle or West Coast of Florida. The wind shear environment in the Gulf of Mexico is going to be favorable the next few days, so this system needs to be watched closely. It has potential to become a Hurricane over the very warm Gulf sea surface temperatures. This system will be named Vince when it becomes a tropical depression, perhaps later today. That will leave only one name left in the 2005 list, then we move on to the Greek alphabet. It is all but assured that 2005 will now set the record for the most number of tropical systems in recorded history. Pretty amazing.

Oh yeah, 94L.Invest is out there also. 94L is east of the Windward Islands and is expected to also slowly develop.


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