Saturday, October 22, 2005

No Mas!

I went to bed last night thinking I would wake up and find Wilma north of Cancun and moving away from shore. Unbelievably, Wilma continues to pound Cozumel and is still approximately 10 miles south of the Cancun hotel zone. Catastrophic damage is all but assured at this point and the death toll from this hurricane will be high for the local population who do not have the security of a concrete shelter. I have grabbed some pictures from the AP this morning showing the types of homes these poor people live in. I can't imagine there is much left of them. The stories of survival are going to be amazing. I hope Wilma lets her grip soon and moves this system away from the coastline. It is just painful to watch how long this storm is pounding that area. I have never seen anything like it. No Mas!


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