Friday, October 21, 2005

Landfall In Cozumel, Mexico

The outer eyewall has made landfall in Cozumel, Mexico this morning with winds up to 145mph. At its current speed, Wilma may be over this area for an extended period of time. Rainfall amounts may total over 20 inches in Cozumel and up to 35-40 inches in the mountainous regions of Cuba. You can keep up with the conditions in Cozumel with this local's reports.

Here is the first visible image of Wilma as the sunrises this morning. Look at the stadium effect on the eyewall. Just amazing.

Yesterday we pointed out a tropical wave we were watching near the Leeward Islands. This morning the Navy has picked up this feature and it is 99L.Invest. This could be Tropical Depression 25/Alpha in the coming days. This storm will break the record as the 22nd named tropical system of the season.

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