Friday, October 21, 2005

In The Eye of Wilma

The worst case scenario is playing out this afternoon in Mexico. The eye of Wilma is going to pass directly over the island of Cozumel. Unbelievably, Mike Hobson is still reporting conditions in Cozumel on his webpage during the storm. Reports state that approximately 1,000 tourist did not get off Cozumel and are bunkered down and riding out the storm. After Cozumel, the storm is forecast to move just west of Cancun which will bring the Northeastern eyewall directly over the resort town. That thin stretch of beach front in Cancun is just going to get blasted today. The beach strip in Cancun is about 4 football fields wide at certain points. I can only imagine what it will look when images start to come in from that area. Fortunately, Wilma will not make it back to Category 5 status, but will rake this area as a strong Category 4 hurricane. This hurricane is going to be Mexico's Katrina. I do believe the aftermath pictures will be shocking. The only good news is that this storm is hitting during the daylight hours.

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