Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilma Crawls Towards Mexico

Cancun Radar is still online this morning as Wilma has slowed to a crawl towards the NE Yucatan Peninsula coastline. The 5am NHC update has Wilma moving NNW at the brutally slow pace of 6mph. It appears that the current track is slightly east of the forecast path, which may bring the hurricane just to the edge of the coastline near Cancun. This could be bad news for the future strength of Wilma since the eye will remain over the warm eddy waters in the Yucatan Channel. Florida residents are hoping the hurricane will encounter the Peninsula land mass and weaken considerably. This may or may not happen. All of the models continue to struggle with where Wilma may go over the weekend. This is nothing new. If the NHC doesn't have the funding to keep planes up and in the storm 24x7, then the models will have a hard time. Bad data equals bad models. Unless the planes are in the storm, the buoys are all we really have to measure the storms statistics. As reports come in from Mexico today, I will try to keep the information coming into this blog.


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