Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rigzone Update

Preliminary reviews of the rig damage in the Gulf of Mexico ranks Rita as the worst hurricane in history to this countries oil industry. Once again news on this topic is hard to find in the mainstream media. This quote is all you really need to hear:

Ken Sill of Credit Suisse First Boston said: “Early reports indicate numerous rigs are missing, destroyed or have suffered serious damage and several companies have yet to report. Rita may set an all-time record.”

This article says it all.

I honestly believe we are just starting to scratch the surface on how this is going to affect all of us in the coming months. Rita won't be forgotten.



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SO said...

Oh this is great news to hear first thing in the morning!!!

Just kidding.

I've done my part this week. Since Sunday the only thing I've done is drive back and forth to work (to save gas). No extra curricular activities here. Could account for why I'm so grouchy today and the week is just dragging on!!!! I think my company should just let me work from home full time.