Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Greatest Show on Earth

I usually like to stay away from politics on this blog and just stick to the weather, but I have to comment on this crap on TV today. I couldn't help but watch some of the Katrina hearings on TV and I have to say it doesn't give me much hope the next hurricane will be any less of a disaster than New Orleans. The divisiveness and anger with which this hearing is taking place is not going to solve anything. All of these political cronies on both sides of the aisle are putting on a show and covering their asses today for all of us to see. I guess if they look angry and yell at each other it will show their constituents that they have a handle on this problem. It's all crap. Bring out the clowns and the elephants because this whole episode stinks worse than a circus tent. Michael Brown is an idiot. Governor Blanco is an idiot. Mayor Nagin is an idiot. They are all idiots and people died because of it. People out there need to realize that when a disaster is impending on their home town, saving your life is 100% up to you. Whether it's a hurricane or an earthquake, you need to have your own personal plan to save your life. Take these personal plans seriously and talk about them with your families. Don't have 2-3 days of food and water stored up, have at least 1 week or more. The government isn't coming to help you, they never will. It's impossible to service millions of people for food, water, gas, transportation and medical needs at the flip of a switch. Being a politician in this country is a profession. It's a career for these guys. They don't care about you and your family. The FEMA issue didn't near this amount of press in Florida last year, but it was a disaster. Ask the people down in Port Charlotte where Charlie hit if they are surprised about what happened in New Orleans. You won't find anyone willing to say that. The only reason this is so public today is because we all watched it play out on TV in a frightening episode. Today the circus is open and the clowns are on parade. I had to turn it off because it is so pitiful. The lessons learned by all of us from this hurricane is to take having a personal plan seriously, leave early, and don't expect anyone to come save you if you stay. I won't ever post about politics on this blog again.

As for the weather, we have 2 areas that really need to be watched. They are the same tropical waves as yesterday. In the western Caribbean 99L continues to look better and drift to the west. The wave that came off Africa and is moving across the Atlantic is also looking better today. It could be our first Cape Verde storm of the season. Stay tuned. It could get interesting again this weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Amen to that player!!! Brown got called out by that one senator who said he looked like a deer caught in the headlights. They are all posturing for the next elections. Me and ML have our earthquake kit ready out here in SF.

The King!