Wednesday, September 28, 2005

October Tropical Outlook

An interesting article has been published today on the tropical outlook for October. Forecasters are calling for a major hurricane in the coming month and they emphasize that the Gulf of Mexico may not be out of the woods yet. The 99L.Invest disturbance is not looking quite as healthy this morning. Deep convection is not nearly as apparent as it was this time yesterday. There does still seem to be some low level circulation in the area, but not nearly enought to develop into a tropical system. These tropical waves tend to fluctuate in their development, so it still needs to be watched. As of now the Hurricane Hunters are still scheduled to fly into the system this afternoon for a recon, but that may be cancelled if more storms don't flare up around the center of circulation. Conditions continue to be favorable around the system for more development if the wave can get its act together. We will keep an eye on it, but nothing appears imminent at this time.


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