Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Catastrophe in New Orleans

Daylight has brought clarity today on how big of a disaster is taking place in New Orleans. This story is still unfolding. Water is now flooding into the Business District and French Quarter. Martial Law has been declared and estimates are that power will not be on in the city for 6-8 weeks. Residents are being told to flee the city before problems such as disease set in. There is no drinking water and the current water supply is now contaminated. Residents will get intestinal diseases if they drink the water. The Levees are failing and the Army Corp of Engineers have yet to figure out where and why. One of the biggest lessons for me in this disaster is how quickly the communication systems have broken down. Residents are now trapped in that area with no way to get communication in or out of the city. It is likely the entire city will have to be evacuated to save lives at this point. This picture below shows the flooding in NOLA this morning. These streets were dry yesterday evening.


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