Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Cuban Referee?

We go to bed last night with 90L.Invest looking like a slight risk on Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, we wake up this morning and we find ourselves with 2 systems developing and Cuba in the middle. Yesterday we talked about no rest for the weary in 2005. We had Emily coming ashore and disippating, tropical dust storm in the Atlantic, and little on the radar off of Africa. Today we have dual storms in the Caribbean, one moving North and one moving WSW and Cuba in the middle trying to call timeout.

90L.Invest has really blown up over night and the 20kt shear that was blowing off the tops to the thunderstorms has moved away and conditions now look ripe for additional development. Where it will go we are not quite sure as the models have really gone crazy this morning. All we can say is we have more activity to watch and that is what we will do, drink coffee and watch it.

We are still waiting on the Hurricane Hunters to update their plan for the day, but I think they will be going out to look at 90L.Invest at some point today. The Hurricane Hunter Vortex Messages are your eyes and ears for these storms and tell us everything we need to know about their strength, movement, and potential.

As for our new storm off the East Coast of Central America, it showed itself this morning on radar and it has our attention. We are awaiting official statements today and will update this afternoon if it becomes an investigated wave, I think it will.

Until later, don't take a nap or you may wake up with a lot of work to do.

*Note - This post is not done by a professional Meteorologist and should not be used for making decisions on safety and protection of property. Always use your local National Weather Service station or the National Hurricane Center for up to date weather information and data.*

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