Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Intensifies Over Jamaica
Hurricane Sandy did not disappoint and has indeed become the Historic Storm we started watching on long range forecast last Sunday October 21, 2012.  Norfolk, Va is no stranger to Hurricanes or Nor'Easters, but the sheer size of Sandy and the dire forecast had everyone on edge.  In the end the storm ended up passing over 250 miles to the east of Tidewater, Va, but the impacts were felt just the same.  Tidal flooding ended up reaching a height of 6ft 8in during the Monday morning high tide of October 29th, 2012.  This felt short of 7ft 9in during Isabel and 7ft 6in during Nor"ida (the 3 day Nor'easter in 2009).  In the end, Tidewater was very fortunate that this storm did not come on shore south of the area.  Tidal flooding reached over 13ft in New York harbor, a height that surely would of decimated the city of Norfolk, Va.  We also made the news on WAVY10 in Norfolk as the flooding was going on in the neighborhood.  The reporter seemed fascinated that we had a backup communication network planned out in case the power went down.  Below are some iPhone Panorama pictures and Video that I captured during the storm. 

Hampton Blvd in Norfolk, Va is under water at high tide, cars washed out.
Flooding in Norfolk, Va

More flooding in Norfolk, Va

Flooding in Larchmont neighborhood of Norfolk, Va
More homes under water in Larchmont neighborhood in Norfolk, Va

PS: Keep an eye on Election Day, long range models are showing potential for another Nor"easter.


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