Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The NWS Wakefield Report and Fresh Video

The news coverage here on the Tornado has really been non-stop and no one from this area can remember such an amazing event taking place. I am so thankful this storm stayed over the Elizabeth River and missed our area of Norfolk. I have been tempted to head out to Suffolk to take some pictures, maybe I'll head out there today. The NWS has posted their report on the Tornado. The initial rating is EF3, but they will do additional analysis today and upgrade to an EF4 if necessary. There is some fresh video up of the Tornado as it moved through Suffolk and it really shows the true size of this monster and the multi-vortex rotation on the ground. It truly is a miracle there were no deaths during this storm. It really is.



Dewdrop said...

Thanks for all of the updates. I really appreciate it. When I posted all that about how you had a storm that was all yours headed your way Monday, I never expected anything like this. Who could have?

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Yea, it really was too close to home. I may have been calm on the video, but as I watched the storm tracks on the laptop in my truck my heart really started racing. I'm going to post some pictures of the Tornado going right by my neighborhood in a few minutes...