Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dippin' in the 30's

It's been quite a hiatus from the weather blog for the past few weeks. I guess that's what a sick little one will do to you. All are well and fall is firmly upon us. We woke up this morning with Temps in the upper 30's for the first time this year. Quite a change. I guess I'll be waiting until after lunch to go for a run. Nothing like some cold air in your lungs to make you want to cut a run short and turn for home. The weather here has been very boring except for the nice rainfall we received over a week ago. The winds here from Noel were brisk, but could have been much worse if the storm tracked just a bit further West. We will now head into Nor'easter season here on the southeastern Virginia coast. These storms can quite often pack a bigger punch than the tropical storms we have had pass near us the last few years. I hope everyone out there is doing well adjusting to the change in the weather. I love Fall, makes me think of Sunday football by a fire and Turkey in the oven! Yum!


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Dewdrop said...

Welcome back. Sorry to read about the little one. Fall is definitely upon us.