Monday, August 20, 2007

Late Night Gust Front - Dean Blesses Jamaica

As Dean puts on a show today we must give thanks and praise to the one who saved Jamaica with a just a brush to the south of the island nation on Sunday. The difference 50 miles made in this situation was immense. Were talking total devastation versus a very bad storm for Kingston and Negril. It looks as though they have survived the storm with almost no loss of life and for that we are very thankful. We can only hope the coast of Mexico that feels the force of the eyewall in this storm can survive. The satellite presentation of the storm today has been nothing less than jaw dropping. We're talking Cat 5 donut that no populated area should ever encounter. One quick note about a new system that is potentially going to develop in the coming days and could be Felix. Keep an eye on 92L.

Locally we had some severe storms last night with an extreme gust front moving right over top of us. Check out the video. The picture above is a screen shot during a lightning flash showing the gust front headed right for us!


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