Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Historic Dean

Hurricane Dean made history this morning as the 10th Category 5 Hurricane to ever make landfall in the Atlantic basin. The last vortex message that came in from Dean measured 906mb and 165mph sustained winds. The 60 mile swath of land where this eyewall passed over is going to be completely flattened. Here is the history of land falling Cat 5 hurricanes.

Okeechobe Hurricane--Hit Puerto Rico as a CAT 5
1935 Labor Day--Keys
Hurricane Janet 1955--Mexico
Hurricane Camille 1969-Mississippi
Hurricane Edith 1971--Honduras
Hurricane Anita 1977--Mexico
Hurricane David 1979--Dominican Republic
Hurricane Gilbert 1988-Mexico
Hurricane Andrew 1992-Florida
Hurricane Dean 2007- Mexico

Locally we are once again in the slight risk box for severe storms for the 3rd straight day. I will be chasing this afternoon if severe weather breaks out.



Anonymous said...

Looks like Dean is gonna be a warning for folks this year. Huge storm that really didn't hit a big population area, but hopefully people realize that a CAT 5 can hit anytime. Mexico, Jamaica, and Caymans got VERY lucky.

Dewdrop said...

Very true indeed. They were very lucky.