Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hurricane Dean Will Be A Monster...

I'm on the road today traveling so my post will have to be short. Nothing like using your 3G phone as a modem to get broadband Internet on the side of the road with your Macbook! I had to stop and look at the satellite images after listening to the news on my XM while driving. Dean has made it to Hurricane status this morning, the 1st of the season and all indications are that Dean is set to be a monster and leave his mark on some one's coastline next week. My gut all along has been telling me this is a Gulf Coast storm and I'm sticking with it. Think Charlie, Rita, Wilma....Yucatan Gap...Loop Current. Worst case scenario. The Gulf is set to have low shear, incredibly deep warm SST's, and a ULL to the East that will eventually pull Dean back North. Remember, Hurricanes are attracted to Low's and move towards them while moving away from Highs. After a break in 2006, The Gulf Coast is set to deal with a monster at the top of peak hurricane season next week. This story is going to be huge as it plays out. I really don't see much in the way for Dean's progress in the future. Maybe more tonight if I get home at a decent hour.


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Dewdrop said...

Monster, indeed! I am thinking Louisiana... Katrina actually, but bigger, and putting New Orleans in that Northeast Quad. I'm thinking I need to stock pile gasoline.