Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tropical Weekend?

Forecasting models are starting to come into agreement about a tropical system developing in the Northwestern Caribbean and moving up the East Coast this weekend. The models show this storm developing into quite a strong low pressure system and hitting the northeast coast around Saturday. With activity picking up so early in May, Hurricane season 2007 is looking to be very active. Mother Nature doesn't care about a June 1 start date, this season is officially underway. Jeff Master's blogs about this system today. Stay tuned....

Another very interesting research piece about the tropics is online via NASA. Check out this video discussing the role the eye of a hurricane may play in the actual strength of the system. Great information!

Storms are forecast for here in Central NC on Wednesday night. Let's hope so.


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Dewdrop said...

You really teased me with that picture of Rita... I thought, man, what the heck have I been doing to miss that?!

Nothing like an old archive shot of a C4 to get the juices flowing. Might be quite a season indeed. Can't wait to see what comes of it. Can't believe we've already got some possbile action.