Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't Ruin My Vacation

As my much anticipated Outer Banks vacation approaches, I am keeping an extra close eye on the tropics so that no developing low pressure system will attempt to cut my vacation short. Some nice wave action would be welcome, but rain and evacuations can stay away. The Atlantic Hurricane season continues to be very slow, but activity looks to be increasing with TD#4 and another large wave about to exit the coast of Africa. The next 4 weeks will see us move into the heart of Hurricane season, so I expect the activity to pick up. Today Max Mayfield made more ominous predictions about the future of coastal communities when the next BIG one hits. I think Max is just doing his job, but any hope of stopping developers from chewing up the East Coast property is futile. Even if a big one does hit, people will always want to live next to the water. Weather wise things continue to be relatively slow around Centeral NC. We may get a thunderstorm this afternoon, but nothing severe. I did find a couple lightning pictures online today while surfing that caught my eye. Check them out.


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