Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Round 2?

Once again the GFS and ECWMF model runs are showing another significant winter storm hitting the Northeast around the 21st of February. As the models continue to run the next few days, we will be keeping an eye on this system as the I95 corridor could be in for round 2. It would be hard to imagine another storm as strong as this past weekend, but a storm could still be coming their way.
In relation to last weekend's storm, we all know it was a record breaker for New York City when it comes to snowfall totals at 26.9 inches. One of the things weather forecasters love to use are a rating scale for how strong a storm was for historical classification. We use them for Hurricanes and Tornados. Well, we will soon use them for Winter Storms as well. The team at WRAL has a great write up on this new rating system. Amazingly enough, this past weekends system was only a 3 on the new Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale, or "NESIS". If that was a 3, I don't want to see a 5!


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