Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wilma, 114kts

The latest Vortex Message shows a pressure of 958mb and 114kt winds at flight level. This storm will be a strong Category 3 Hurricane at the 11pm update and now has a chance to reach Category 4 status by landfall if this deepening continues. Dvorak T Numbers now measure 6.0, which is equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane. News reports state that only 20% of the population evacuated Key West. I guess they just couldn't get over Fantasy Fest being cancelled by Mother Nature. They are in for a night they will never forget. A deepening hurricane is much different monster at landfall. When the pressure is falling, the wind is much more likely to make it to the ground level as it mixes down from the upper atmosphere. Those in high rises in South Florida will experience winds that have not been felt in South Florida since Andrew hit Homestead, Florida. Power outages will be extensive and the scene in Florida tomorrow around 3-5pm after Wilma passes will be pretty amazing.


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Dub said...

Still up on the west coast and the storm has increased to a Cat 3.