Thursday, October 20, 2005

Tourist Panic to Escape Wilma in Cancun

The eyewall replacement cycle now looks to be complete as an open and much larger eye is clearly visible on satellite at this time. This is bad news for the NE Yucatan Peninsula. As this eye begins to shrink again, the pressure will drop and the wind speeds will increase. The NHC is now forecasting a Category 5 hurricane over Cozumel Island, Playa de Carmen and Cancun. The situation at the Cancun airport sounds like pure desperation at this point. All flights are booked, but 1,000's of tourist are still trying to find a way out. The airport is over crowded and closing at 5pm EST today. Cancun radar is now showing the eye coming into view. Here are some great webcam links for Cozumel and Cancun that I got off of Hurricane City.

Cozumel Island Hotels Beach View
Royal Sands Hotel Beach View
Cancun Skyview
Cozumel Street Cam

Jim Williams will be broadcasting tonight at 8pm EST.

Florida has declared a State of Emergency and the Miami Dolphins game has been moved to 7pm on Friday night. Before Florida, Wilma is going to wreak havoc on the tourist mecca in Mexico. I pray for those who were not able to get out today.



Anonymous said...

No bueno!

Melanie said...

i'm SO's friend...who's mother in law is in cancun. I just wanted to thank you for the awesome information. its so hard being here and following everything (they are talking so much about florida on the news, but not mexico as much!)

We finally heard from her. she is in a shelter, in a school, in a classroom with 40 other people. they are using lawn chair cushions to sleep on.
i'll be reading! thanks again!