Thursday, October 20, 2005

First Impact: Cancun, Mexico

Wilma now has her sights clearly set on Cancun, Mexico for her first victim. News down there sounds like they are preparing for the worst. The current track has the eye going right over the Cancun airport. The beach front hotels are under a 100% evacuation order. Tourist are being moved inland to shelters to ride out this hurricane. Keep up with the latest news out of Cancun here. Max Mayfield just held a press conference and the uncertainty for the impact on Florida still looms. The Gulf Stream IV airplanes did go in this morning and capture actual date from the environment surrounding Wilma. This data is being fed into the 2pm models, so we are anxiously awaiting this model run. I fear the worst for Cancun today. Wilma is currently under going the ERC and the timing will be very important for Cancun. If she makes it back to a Cat 5 before landfall, I don't know how much of Cancun will be left with a direct hit. It will be a bad situation. Cancun already dodged Emily this year. Wilma may not be so forgiving.


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SO said...

I can't believe that my friends Mother-n-law left for Cancun yesterday!!!!! What was she thinking???