Monday, October 24, 2005

Massive Looting In Mexico

This article speaks to a pretty grim situation in Cancun, Mexico after Wilma. I hope those tourist can get out of there safely soon. I think this type of scene would scare me more than the hurricane. It doesn't surprise me that this is happening.

This is cut out of the article:

As reporters watched Sunday, hundreds emptied entire downtown blocks of merchandise, hiding when soldiers appeared, then returning to rip open metal store shutters and haul away clothing, appliances and anything else they could find.

Police shot in the air to scare away looters, and some crowds responded by throwing rocks and chucks of concrete.

"As soon as the hurricane arrived, the people went robbing," said Eva Bernabe. "It's sad because Cancun is a relaxed place. We're good people. It's not like this normally."

On Monday, the waist-deep floodwaters had largely receded from the streets dotted with shattered and twisted buildings, but most in Cancun were still without electricity.

The looting, which police said was widespread, shocked many Mexicans. National television networks on Monday ran images of dozens of looters working through stores like a swarm of ants, then packing loot into cars, trucks or precariously loaded bicycles.

Officials feared looters would turn on tourists, so they evacuated more than 30 foreigners from an area overrun by people raiding stores.

Arturo Campos said his shoe store was emptied by looters

"The hurricane was ugly," he said. "The people were worse."



SO said...


My friend's in-laws who are still in Cancun were moved from a school with 41 other tourists to the third floor of a hotel where they had to stay in the halls. No running water, no electricity and minimal food. My friend's father-n-law has heart problems and has a pace maker and has to take his meds and eat regular meals.

It's so frustrating. These people knew the day they left that the hurricane was going to hit there the next night, WHY did the airports still accept flights??

My friend is annoyed with their stupidity, but still is worried...

Dub said...

Hope they get home safely