Monday, October 24, 2005

All Hail The Queen

She was like the encore of your favorite concert; a New York City style fireworks extravaganza on the 4th of July. Wilma knew how to make an entrance and make an exit. She made sure she would not be forgotten. We went to sleep and she was just a baby, but when we woke she was a monster. Wilma was the platinum gold hurricane that went straight to #1 on the charts. For Wilma, #1 wasn't enough. She wanted more, she needed victims to get what she was after. Wilma made a slow crawl towards Mexico and stalked her first victims. This was her first act and she made sure she dressed for the part. She was perfect. Wilma was artwork to the meteorological eye. Wilma then stood on top of the tip of the Yucatan and pumeled the land into submission. She gave Mexico everything a hurricane has ever had to offer. A huge storm surge, relentless 145mph winds, 60 inches of rain, record breaking flooding and a persistence we will never forget. Only when Mexico said No Mas would she let it off the mat. Wilma then set her sites on the Coliseum for Hurricanes, Florida. The stage was set. Florida was the perfect final challenge for her. A land full of seasoned veterans who denied her respect. Stay home and wait for me she said, I want to be seen by all. She baited the victims into staying home for her grand entrance. Wilma's timing was perfect. On her approach, she unveiled her power and turned on the lights. The cameras were all around her. Record me and keep me for history. Her winds howled for all to hear. She had made her case. The land shook and the crown was hers, not Katrinas...not Ritas. Wilma was the one. She was the Queen. In the season of all seasons, Wilma took the crown. It was her year, she was last and she was the best. Wilma we will not forget you. All hail the Queen, all hail the Queen!


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SO said...

I love how you wrote this entry!! Great writing!! :-)