Wednesday, October 19, 2005

884mb - Lowest Pressure Ever!

What would 2005 be without another record? Wilma has gone from a Cat 1 to a Cat 5 in just over 16 hours with a 5am central pressure of 884mb! The winds are now sustained at 175mph and quickly increasing. Wilma is now the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history, joing this years other entries in the Top 6 (Katrina and Wilma). I sure hope officials in Florida are quickly executing an emergency plan. To fail the people at this point after Katrina and Rita would be criminal. They now have approximately 48 hours before this hurricane begins impacting the Southwest coast, and 72 hours before landfall. Florida is sure to panic this morning when they wake up to the news that the strongest Atlantic hurricane in history is heading their way. The NHC has announced that they will be covering this storm with 3hour updates. The lowest pressure ever measure in a hurricane is 870mb, with Typhoon Tip. At this rate, Wilma could break that record.

Atlantic Hurricanes - Lowest Pressure
1. Wilma 884mb (2005)
2. Gilbert 888mb (1988)
3. Labor Day Storm 892mb (1935)
4. Allen 899mb (1980)
5. Katrina 902mb (2005)
6. Rita 904mb (2005)



SO said...

Wow, isn't it crazy that at this time yesterday morning it was still a tropical depression!! I really hope FL acts fast with getting people out of there.

Hey, do you have any links to forecast predictions? I'm curious as to what they expect the winter to be like for the northeast this year.

Anonymous said...

Again, SW FL like I said.

Dub said...

Holy Sh!t! I just logged on and saw that this storm is already at Cat. 5. That really came out of the blue. I guess you won't be sleeping for the next few days Mike! Chase!!!