Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ophelia Crawls & We're Over The Hump

Mid-September is here and that means we are at the peak of hurricane season. Therefore, it's not surprising we have Ophelia off the North Carolina coast tonight. The storm has changed from a tropical storm to hurricane 4 times now. It is ever so slowly moving 3mph NNW towards Cape Fear, NC. Although the winds from Ophelia are under 75mph, the sheer size of this storms tropical storm force wind field and heavy rain is causing damage along the southern North Carolina coast. The amount of beach erosion that is going to take place over the next 48 hours is severe. Slow moving hurricanes can sometimes be the worst kind. They test our patience and increase the risk of flooding from heavy rainfall and a 4-6 foot coastal storm surge over a longer period of time.

Long range models are not showing any break for tropical activity. 95L.Invest today was announced by the Navy this afternoon. The GFS 240 hour model is showing 2 more storms developing in the Atlantic, one near Puerto Rico and one near the outer Windward islands. It has been a record setting hurricane season and the pace will continue. Chances for another major hurricane affecting the US in the next 8 weeks is still high.

Tonight at 9pm EST Jim Williams will host a live Hurricane show on Ophelia.


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