Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bow Echo At Home

So I started heading south towards a tornadic cell that dropped a confirmed tornado off 158 at the Currituck Airport. The rain was so heavy that I was never going to make it there in time after a Mother's Day cookout. I turned back around and decided to settle for a bow echo segment that moved over the house around 7:40pm EST as a warned severe storm. I shot a short 4 minute video of the storm as the shelf cloud moved over and the winds hit. Pretty cool, but not what I was after today. It goes from pretty light to complete darkness in about 2 minutes as the shelf cloud moves over.

The threat is going to continue overnight as a new Mesoscale Discussion was just issued stating that a new round of severe storms could come through in the next 3 hours. Central NC has seen new activity blow up this evening, I'll be watching these closely. The current torando watch is in effect until 11pm, but most activity is off shore now.


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