Monday, April 28, 2008

Major Tornadic Outbreak!

So my storm chasing drought was broken today with a major tornadic outbreak here in Southeastern Virginia. It was a very scary day, with a large number of injuries and possible fatalities reported so far. I have video I will be posting (not of any tornado's), but of the actual rotating super cell that dropped an apparent F3-F4 tornado on Suffolk, Va. This tornado ended up moving on a line from SW to NE and passed about 1.5 miles to my west over the Elizabeth River. Over water it was a waterspout, which then crossed back over land and hit the Norfolk Naval Base. Here are some pictures of the tornado and video links from the news. I'll get my video up shortly. What a day! I hope this doesn't happen so close to home anytime soon. Only 3 F4 tornado's have ever been reported in the state of Virginia.



Dewdrop said...

Sounds like your SDS is done... glad you're ok, Mikey.

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

Thanks Dew.....a little too close to home for me. Very populated area that apparent EF3 went through. I'm shocked their aren't more injuries.