Thursday, September 06, 2007

99L with Eggs?

A lot of forecasters will soon wake up with the following condition after the hype they put into the 99L frontal boundary sub-tropical / tropical sheared apart low pressure system in the middle of no where....38kts and done.

Enjoying the wonderful dry air from the High Pressure here in Virginia.



Dewdrop said...

I don't know Mikey. It's looking NICE this morning... almost like a wanna be storm.

Rick said...

Even as the storm is trying to get its act together today the NHC has flipped back and forth. One day it "isnt expected to form" and 12 hours later "it is" only to be changed back to "no it isnt" in the next update. It seems they are almost "begging" this thing to do something so they wont have so much of the "egg" to deal with this year as they predicted a very active season this year.