Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dim the lights....

Like a curtain being lifted on the stage, the wide angle view of the SSD Tropical Satellite has shined its light on 90L this evening. Now that we are getting 30min updates on the system, it is much easier to see what is developing. The long range models continue to fluctuate on the track and strength of this system, but we know there are two important factors that always play a large role in the development of Cape Verde systems. African Dust/Dry Air and the strength and lcoation of the Atlantic Bermuda high.

Here is a view of the African Dust.

In order to give you some perspective, here is the African Dust view of Pacific Category 4 Hurricane Flossie.

Here is the weather synopsis showing how big and strong this Bermuda High is at this time.

The African dust was stronger in 2006 and this Bermuda High will easily continue to push this wave to the west. My gut tells me that we will have a Tropical Depression in the next 36-48 hours. Outflow this evening looks nice and there is plenty of moisture immediately around the system for it to continue to develop. It is going to be a busy week of tracking and the late nights could soon begin.


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