Friday, August 10, 2007

Classic Shelf Cloud - Photos and Video

On August 10th, 2007 we witnessed a classic shelf cloud formation move over Craney Island across the Elizabeth River and into Norfolk, Va. This storm was part of a system that created numerous severe thunderstorm warnings across southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. These storms brought an end to a week that saw 5 straight days of heat warnings with heat indexes topping 105F degrees. Below are some images and a video clip of the storm system that was pushed ahead of a cold front that broke this oppressive heat.



Dub said...

Sweet SCM. Great song choice at the end as well. ML agreed that it was a classic shelf cloud. Definitely needed that wide angle lens today. The video gave you a much better perspective on that front...sweet.

Best part:

BDS "I think I'm gonna get in the car"
SCM "Go ahead then"


Dewdrop said...

I love how you flash your radar.