Tuesday, August 07, 2007

96 Degress in the Shade?....Try 108!

Air Stagnation, Heat Indexes of 108F, Excessive Heat Advisories.....welcome to August where it's 96 Degrees in the Shade!

The tropics continue to be quiet. Several waves out there, but no development due to a big area of dust and dry air sucking the moisture out of any potential storm. August is starting to look like a very quiet tropical period once again.

For those dreamers out there the 16 Day GFS has south Florida getting wacked with a Hurricane. You can loop that over and over while you stay inside the Air Conditioning and nap.


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Dewdrop said...

I'm not a fan of GFS in that long term, but it's got that thing just slamming the southern peninsula, doesn't it? Got any plans for August 22nd, or so? lol