Thursday, May 17, 2007

NOAA Wasted!

No wonder Dr. Mayfield had to retire! Read this and try not to turn red with anger. An active 2007 season will soak up this years budget in no time. I hope the marketing folks enjoy spending the extra million$.

Not much else to say today other than low dewpoints, lack of mid level moisture and less than 500 j/kg of CAPE produced no storms last night. Very disappointing as we had a free schedule and time to chase. We recieved rain for about 20 minutes followed by cool weather with much cleaner air today. At least the smoke is gone, which is more than some of our friends to the south can say.


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Dewdrop said...

Hey Mikey, thanks for the back link... I was flabbergasted by that marketing figure $4 million for a stupid anniversary. What the heck?! How can they even think that's warranted?! Smoke's not too bad today... stay tuned...