Thursday, August 31, 2006

Funnel Cloud Captured, Awaiting Ernesto

Well my hopes of having Ernesto miss the Outer Banks and not ruin my vacation haven't come true. Who am I kidding, I'm enjoying having this storm come right at me after getting in 4 days of sun and surfing. I woke up this morning with my 7 month old to check the latest storm update around 5:30am. We sat on the deck together and began to watch a storm form to our North. By 6:21am we had a nice storm cell forming, then the action started as a funnel cloud dropped down from the backside of the storm. Here is a collection of the images I captured from our deck. We are awaiting Ernesto now and there is a chance he could reach Category 1 Hurricane strength before coming ashore near the SC/NC border. I'll be documenting the weather from the Outer Banks, so check back.


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