Friday, June 16, 2006

After Alberto

The Wednesday that Tropical Depression Alberto moved into the central North Carolina area I was scheduled to fly out to Memphis, TN. I was worried the flight would be delayed, but we made it out on time in a downpour. I don't think any of the local forecasters were expecting the type of deluge that got dumped on Raleigh, NC. The flooding damage is pretty amazing and the rivers down east are all on standby today for continuing rising waters to their peak levels since the storm moved over. The poor towns off the Tar River are once again getting flooded out of their homes and communities. It reminds me of Hurricane Floyd. Here is my photo album from my flight home. The outlook for storms here in central North Carolina is pretty quiet for the next 5 days. Peak storm season may soon be over as the number of cold fronts moving into the area should slow down for summer. Check back for my next chase photo album and video if we do get a severe outbreak.


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