Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More Storm Pictures from April 3rd

The April 3rd storm outbreak saw 26 severe thunderstorm warnings across central North Carolina. My photos made it on tv with Time Warner News 14 and have made it to a couple places on the net. One of the best things about shooting photos of the storms is actually being outside and experiencing the feeling of the weather. When those 40+mph winds came down from that squall line, it was something else.

Here are some more pictures of the weather on Monday. The next chance for storms is Saturday with another major Tornado outbreak predicted for the midwest over the next 2 days.

Photo of the severe storm near Roxboro around 5:30pm

Beginning signs of the squall line with the Orange County severe storm cells.

Orange County squall line moves through with winds over 40mph.


Dub said...

Sweet shots!

SO said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the pics!! I love standing outside right before a storm hits, it makes you feel really alive!!! Great pics!!