Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Chance for Snow

The local NWS has put out a special weather statement for the chance of Snow here in central NC Saturday night thru mid-day Sunday. The ice storm from yesterday has left over 450,000 people without power. One man was killed while laying on his couch at home when an 100 foot tree coated with ice fell on his home. Ice storms really are the worst. We seem to be prone to them down here in North Carolina as a shallow layer of cold air gets trapped up against the Appalachian Mountains. A low pressure system will move up the coast spreading moisture into the area. If this cold air is shallow and below 32 degrees, then the rain falls thru this cold air from the upper atmosphere and freezes on contact. After the ice storm of 2002, I will never forget how bad they can be. A 70 foot oak tree at the back of my house just snapped in half and fell across my fence missing the house by about 25 feet. The sound of that tree hitting the groud with all of that ice scared the @#*! out of me! Let's hope this next system is just snow.

I was digging thru some of my cloud pictures from this summer and decided to put a few of them up. SCM

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