Monday, November 21, 2005

Thankful for Rain

As the Nor'easter we have been talking about forms off the southeast coast, we are getting some much needed rain here in central NC. We are thankful for that. Maybe our deficit for the year will go from around 9 inches to 7.5 inches. It will be interesting to watch the weather in the northeast tomorrow and wednesday as this low pressure system moves up the coast. Big snow and heavy winds are on their way. You couldn't pay me to go to an airport for a Thanksgiving flight the next 2 days up North.



scootercookies said...

We had some rain a couple of days ago, too--it was marvelous! I had never seen it rain sideways before Monday... Crazy!

scootercookies said...

Whee doggies (to quote my mother)! It rained for 24 hours straight. I haven't seen that since I lived in Missouri! :) It was great, but now I've got sinuses.

How're you and yours? :)

SO said...

Hey, are you going to take the winter off? I know that snow isn't as exciting as Hurricanes...'s too quiet around here!!