Friday, November 18, 2005

Major Nor'Easter for Thanksgiving?

The local WRAL forecaster has been discussing the possibility of our first major coastal storm of the year taking place early next week. As the week has progressed, model runs are now clearly showing a major Nor'easter forming off the Southeast coast and moving North during the Thanksgiving Holiday week. The GFS model shows this system really deepening into a strong low pressure system off the northeast coast. This is going to make holiday travel for Thanksgiving a nightmare for the whole region. Wet snow is forecast for the western Carolina mountains, with cold air filling in behind the coastal low. This means it will be very chilly over Thanksgiving in the mid-Atlantic and quite windy. Expect coastal flooding and potentially heavy snow in the northeast on the backside of this low. We desperately need the rain here in central NC, so the storm will be welcome. It is pretty ironic how it has been beautiful for weeks, then Thanksgiving comes and here we go. We will see how this plays out over the weekend.


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