Monday, October 31, 2005

Spooky Speculation

Sometimes the internet can be a pretty scary place. Freedom of speech also opens the door to freedom of stupidity. Hurricanes have been a big story this year. The Katrina commission in Congress, 24x7 news coverage, canes have been all over TV. Now they have made there way into the war on terrrorism. This individual's blog is actually pushing the fact that these hurricanes have been controlled by terrorist in a new form of global weather warfare! I found this to be pretty comical, but not nearly as comical as the comments and the number of people who actually believed it. NBC even went far enough to point out the #2 that was found on radar images during Wilma and asked if this was a message to us all by the terrorist. When you look at the above 2 links, it is obvious how NBC has enhanced the #2 in the eye to make their story. Now that's scary!

Elsewhere, the tropics are pretty quiet finally. 92L.Invest is making its way towards Haiti and Puerto Rico, but shear is tearing the system apart. Models show this turning out to sea eventually and not a threat to the US. The next 14 days shows a trough digging in off the east coast and blocking anything from coming near the US. Maybe this is the George Bush Anti-Hurricane deflector shield. The government's response to the terrorist controlled Hurricanes. Scary stuff.

One quick programming note, National Geographic channel is starting a series "Inside Hurricane Katrina" tomorrow night at 9pm EST.

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Dub said...

Oh Lord! Here come the conspiracy theorists!!! I've been controlling the weather for years with my top secret Orphan Annie decoder ring! If the world doesn't start drinking more Ovaltine, then I'll send more storms across the globe....muhahahahah!