Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Tropical Activity

I have continued to watch the recovery efforts in South Florida on CBS4 today. It seems that FEMA and the State have really struggled once again to deliver aid to the people. The lines are long and the communication networks are down. I really hope this situation starts to improve soon. The people don't need any more lip service from the Governor or Homeland Security, they need help. The situation in Cancun also continues to look desperate with tourist once again asking for the Federal Government to come get them. This isn't going to happen. I can only hope they can get out of there before one of the new tropical systems develops. I do feel 90L.Invest could be headed towards the Yucatan Peninsula in 5-7 days.

The tropics are once again active today with 2 new developing systems that are set to move into the Caribbean. The water in this area is still extremely warm and more than capable of supporting another major hurricane. 90L.Invest is in the western Caribbean Sea and 91L.Invest is just moving past the Leeward Islands.

I had so much fun on my Mac making the Wilma video last night, I made another one. This one is much better. You will need Quicktime installed on your computer to view the videos.


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Dub said...

Sweet new video. Love the picture of Wilma at the end. You should have put a video clip at the beginning from the Flintstones where Freed gets locked out by the cat and is yelling "WILMA!!!!"