Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Boiling Point in South Florida

Broward and Miami-Dade counties appear to be quickly reaching a boiling point this afternoon in the Aftermath of Wilma. CBS4 just showed a fight in the parking lot of one of the only open gas stations in the area. Looters have started to target the Foot Lockers again. Lines at the water and ice stations are extremely long and slow. As the reality sets in that this situation is not going to be repaired quickly, I believe South Florida is headed towards a dangerous situation. Just like in Cancun, the humans are always worse than the hurricane. Without power, the basic necessities quickly are in short supply. CBS4 had their news vans broken into to steal gasoline and gas was also siphoned out of their tanks. People don't have water, power, phones and the frustration is clearly being displayed in irrational behavior. A request has been issued to get the National Guard in place to attempt to maintain order as darkness falls tonight. I hope this situation does not escalate out of control.

On an even more frustrating note, the hurricane models are now showing "Beta" forming in the Western Caribbean and heading across Cuba towards South Florida in 5-7 days. We will be watching this storm for development. Any type of system into South Florida at this time, even a tropical depression would be a real kick in the gut. It would delay recovery efforts and with all the debris spread across the area it could be very dangerous. Lets hope this does not happen.


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