Thursday, October 27, 2005

Another Disaster

TD.26 became Tropical Storm Beta early this morning and now models show this storm has the potential to become a Major Category 3 Hurricane before it slams into Nicaragua. The Caribbean Sea and Gulf Coast is becoming one huge disaster zone. Stan slammed into this same area with 20+ inches of rain that caused flooding and mudslides killing 69 people. Beta now looks to unleash high winds on the coast and 20+ inches of rain in the mountainous inland regions creating the same type of disaster. These poor countries are really just helpless victims when it comes to these types of storms. Rarely do they know they are coming and their homes and villages are built in very vulnerable areas. There really isn't anywhere in this whole zone that hasn't been affected by a hurricane this season.

Thousands dead. Millions homeless. Billions in property damage. The only question left is when will it all stop. Only Mother Nature knows, but we have long since begged her for an end to the devastation.



scootercookies said...

I just wanted you to know that I check your site every day--and you're linked to my son's page, so you're getting exposure! :) I like reading your analysis of the storms; they've been so helpful!

Have a great day!

ron said...

Mwhahahaha! Never fool with mother nature.

Seriously. Cool little site.

What's your take on this really is this God trying to get our attention or just a normal upswing in weather?

Storm Chasing Mikey said...

This is the way the weather works. We are going into a pattern with very warm ocean SST's and people have been stupid enough to build cities on the coastlines. Expect more years like 2005 in the future.