Friday, September 23, 2005

Shocking Images

Hurricane Rita is still 18-24 hours from landfall, but shocking images are already coming across the TV this morning. A bus traveling from Houston to Dallas with elderly evacuees has exploded. 24 people on this bus are now dead. I really don't think someone could write a more dramatic script than what we are seeing play out on TV with this hurricane. Massive evacuations, cars stranded on the side of the road, and the drama of this storm stalking the coast.

As far as the forecast is concerned, the computer models continue to shift back to the west, which would bring a direct hit on Galveston Bay a real possiblity. This is the worst case scenario for all of us, since the refineries and the city of Houston would be hit directly with a 20ft+ storm surge. Hurricanes of this size and strength can make direction shifts on their own, so we really won't know where the eyewall will landfall until later this evening. Stay tuned and watch this situation play out today.



SO said...

I love your blog, the extent of my storm chasing is being glued to the weather channel at home and on the web at work through out these storms. I'm glad I found your blog!!

Anonymous said...

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