Friday, September 23, 2005

Galveston Historic District on Fire

Downtown Galveston's historic strand has suffered a major fire tonight and three buildings are completely burned and collapsed. A fallen electrical line from the storm is the preliminary cause of this fire. The buildings are on 20th and Post Office Ave. and the fire department is on the scene attempting to fight this fire in the middle of a hurricane. The winds are over 75mph which is making putting this fire out very difficult. KHOU has been reporting this story for the last 30 minutes. These fire fighters just don't get
paid enough money. I'm not really sure how you contain a fire in 75mph winds. Those ambers are spreading all over the historic district. Let's hope they can get it under control. 100,000 people on the coastline of Texas are reportedly already out of power. The eyewall is still 2-3 hours away from landfall.



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