Saturday, September 24, 2005


The impact from Rita will take a while to become clear this morning. After Katrina, it took quite a while for the fog to clear so that we could see the startling damage to the coastline. Now that Rita has come ashore we will have to wait to find out how badly the Cameron, La area was affected by what must have been a huge storm surge. Estimates this morning are that up to 1 million people are out of power. Houston and Galveston dodged the bullet and the major issue for them will be how to get everyone back into a city with no gas. I wonder if people will pick up and leave when told to evacuate next time? It seems to me that the evacuees suffered a far worse struggle in 24 hours of traffic on the interstate than Rita brought their way. The next focus with Rita will be if she sits and dumps copious amounts of rain on the Gulf Coast area as she stalls out for the next 4-5 days. New Orleans will need to be watched for additonal flooding from this rainfall. Now it is time to sit back and watch the TV to see what the impact of this hurricane was to the oil and gas industry, the LA and Texas coastlines, and how the return to Houston plays out.


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