Saturday, August 20, 2005

It's Hot, Hot, Hot

I pulled up to my grandmother's house today and she had the perfect flag outside, it said "it's hot, hot, hot". I'm visiting Virginia this weekend and it was 98 with 108 on the Heat Index. Hot indeed! Things are so quiet in the Atlantic right now. Dry air and dust continue to suck the life out of storms coming off Africa and the lack of a stable and consistent Bermuda High has really created a very unstable environment for storm development. We do have 97L.Invest announched by the NRL today. It is one massive storm coming off Africa. The current model runs show it turning North into the Atlantic. It is still very early. I posted this picture today that came from the tornados that ripped thru Wisconsin. It is one of the best pictures of lightning I have seen taken. On a personal note, I'm hoping for some waves off of the Outer Banks this weekend for surfing. Strong storms predicted here tomorrow, so I'll attempt to capture some more photographs. Stay cool out there.


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