Saturday, July 23, 2005

2005 Gives the Finger To Climatology

Whenever you see the NHC Discussions change direction on a storm multiple times during one 24 hour period you know they are scratching their heads. These Meteorologist are the best in the world. They have all the technology and equipment at their fingertips necessary to provide us the best forecast possible. Sometimes Mother Nature just doesn't care and we feel like she is giving us the bird. Hurricane Season 2005 must be making these guys crazy.

Here we are 24 hours after being pretty sure Franklin wasn't a major threat to the East Coast. A trough coming out of the mid-west was going to pick him up and send him fishing. At worst Franklin was going to be a Tropical Storm threat to Bermuda. Today Franklin has bucked the trend and continues to make us scratch our heads. Where he is going to go, nobody knows. The TV Weatherman blows him off with a 20 second mention on the local news. No worries here. I guess Franklin wants respect and he is gonna hang out off the coast, get stronger and wait until he gets it. Until Franklin makes up his mind, I will just sit back and watch as the Professionals get ready to burn the manuals and history books. 2005 isn't for models or climatology. Mother Nature is always in charge and this year she feels the need to remind us.

In updated news 91.Invest has become TD07 and will be Gert if it picks up some steam. TD07 won't have much room to work with in the Gulf and it looks like more rain for Mexico, which is probably good. Texas could use some, so send it North and they won't complain. I have been afraid to look out to the Cape Verde islands to see what's next, no need to put more on our plate than we can handle.

*Note - This post is not done by a professional Meteorologist and should not be used for making decisions on safety and protection of property. Always use your local National Weather Service station or the National Hurricane Center for up to date weather information and data.*

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Sailing Leeward said...

Gee, if predicting the weather were really easy they would not have people doing it on newscasts all over the country.

Computer models are guesses. Educated guesses, but fundmentally guesses. Then again, Warren Buffett makes educated guesses on the stock market and they refer to him as a "The Oracle of Omaha."